UKGC to Go Hard on Repeat Compliance Offenders in the Future

Head of UKGC

While presenting the annual compliance report at GambleAware’s 2021 conference on December 8th, interim chief executive Andrew Rhodes went hard on repeat offenders.  Overall, the interim chief executive seemed pleased with the success the Commission had managed to achieve under his guidance during the past year. Rhodes also acknowledged the improvements from the Commission’s collaboration […]

WebVTT format – Web Video Text Tracks format

>> A review with notes and thoughts for LeanBack Player << Contents WebVTT file specifications WebVTT format specifications File header Cue format Example Cue settings Example Clarification Text alignment A:[start|middle|end] Text position T:[number]% Line position L:[number]% Cue size S:[number]% Vertical alignment D:vertical AND D:vertical-lr Cue text Cue text replacements Cue text tags Cue class tags […]

HTML5 video Iframe examples

Video-Sample: Elephants Dream © copyright 2006 Blender Foundation – Netherlands Media Art Institute HTML5 <video> Iframe examples This page gives an example of how to use an HTML5 <video> element integrated in Iframes. LeanBack Player is also able to handle full-screen/window mode, if supported by browser, of the Iframe-embedded HTML5 <video> element.   Click here […]

Extension Video MIME type type=’…; codecs=”…”‘ canPlayType(type) Notes Note: HTML5 Video + Audio Extension Video MIME type type=’…; codecs=”…”‘ canPlayType(type) Notes Note: HTML5 Video only Extension Audio MIME type type=’…; codecs=”…”‘ canPlayType(type) Notes Note: HTML5 Audio only

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Updates for Leanback player have stopped, we recommend using https://videojs.com/ or one of these alternatives: https://alternativeto.net/software/leanback-player/ 1) General Information 1.1) LeanBack Player integration 1.2) HTML5 media integration 1.3) Flash- and/or HTML-fallback 1.4) Extending LeanBack Player with options 2) Multiple HTML5 <video> and <audio> elements on a single page 3) Adding subtitles to an HTML5 <video> […]